Water Damage Restoration Acton

Your emergency checklist for water damage. Find and block the source of running water!

1. To minimize damage, ask the residents or employees to keep away from wet carpet, unless necessary.

2. If safe to do so, turn off circuit breakers supplying electricity to wet areas and remove any small electrical devices from those areas.

3. Remove small furnishings from carpet, or place aluminum foil under legs, to help prevent rust or furniture stains which may become permanent.

4. Hang draperies and pin up furniture skirts to avoid contact with wet floors, which helps to prevent watermarks.

5. Remove breakables, moisture- sensitive and high- value items, books, paper goods, waste bins, potted plants, and any other items that may stain floor coverings. (Remember to check under desks for small items and in lobbies, lounges, or waiting areas.)

6. Instruct restoration crews to move furniture into unaffected dry areas.

7. Make sure your employees practice good personal hygiene after handling affected items.

8. To avoid the chance of electrical shock, do not use vacuums to remove the water.

9. If it is sewage related, prevent handling of any contaminated items and do not turn on fans, heating, or air conditioning units as it may spread the contamination.

That is where Clean Expert comes in. With our strong soil extractor steam cleaning machines and turbo dryers, we will make sure the flooded area is well dried and restored as quickly as possible.

Our water, flood and fire damage restoration services include:

Water extraction and removal.
Rapid drying of carpets, rugs, mats, floors and walls.
Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning.
Dehumidifying the entire premises.
Mildew treatment.
Garbage removal and disposal.
Removing odors that are the aftermath of smoke and fires.
Deodorizing and disinfecting.

Because Flood & Water Damage Restoration Services in Acton have the appropriate equipment and understand the procedure involved in the water damage restoration process, our estimates are accurate and there are no hidden price surprises once the job has been completed.