Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Welcome to Clean-Station Upholstery Cleaning Service.

Dust and dirt particles settle on upholstered surfaces, then mingle with trace oil and grease when someone wearing shorts or skin- baring clothing sits on them. Ask any of our long time customers in Acton and they’ll tell you that Clean-Station Carpet Cleaning services upholstery division is the one to call.

Clean-Station understands unique Acton living conditions. Cleaning Services Acton knows what Acton needs to stay clean and healthy.

Extend Upholstery- life With Regular Cleaning No matter what fabric covers your sofa, cushions, pillows and car seats, thorough cleaning at regular intervals is called for. With Clean-Station Upholstery Cleaning affordable services upholstery stays cleaner, fresher and looking newer. Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning upholstery cleaning and auto cleaning upholstery services can help control allergies & asthma.

    It doesn’t matter if you want us to clean your sofas, love seats, dining chair, arm chair recliners or grandma’s favourite rocker, our licensed, bonded & insured staff has years of experience in dusting, vacuuming, shampooing, sanitizing, disinfecting, deodorizing.

    Clean-Station Upholstery Cleaning can take care of cleaning dry upholstery (carpet chem. cleaning dry upholstery), cleaning home upholstery, and cleaning company upholstery. Think of Clean-Station as your fiber protectors & maintenance provider.

    While we’re at your home, ask about Clean-Station home cleaning services: Clean-Station Rug Cleaning, Floor cleaning – wax & polish, Drapery, Curtains and Blind cleaning, Mattresses & Pillows cleaning. If you need it, we’ve even got 24/7 Emergency Service – response for wet carpet drying.

    Clean-Station professional upholstery cleaning team will do a great job on your car. The team loves cleaning leather upholstery and will treat any other car upholstery cleaning task with vigour.

    Clean-Station are proficient at using only the Cleaning machine for upholstery such as Truck Mounts. Clean-Station upholstery division:

    • Cleaning leather upholstery
    • Offering cleaning equipment supply
    • Cleaning steam upholstery
    • Cleaning company upholstery
    • Cleaning product upholstery
    • 365/24/7 Emergency Service