Rug Steam Cleaning Acton

A rug is a prized possession whether it is hand made or machine made, antique or modern, it adds beauty to your home and needs to be treated with care and consideration.

Our rug cleaning service takes the utmost care. A rug needs to be professionally cleaned every 1-2 years depending on how much traffic passes over it and if there are major spills.

The first thing that rug cleaning will do is shake out of all of the dust that has settled and check for any major spills or marks. If there are odours emanating from the rug, these also will be treated. Individual Treatment Depending on the type of rug that is sent for cleaning and the level of dirt, grime and smell that is evident, the consultants will work on a plan for the best way to clean your rug. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes made from different fibers and have different colorants; what may be good for one rug is not good for the other.

Rug Cleaning examines each rug individually before they decide on a treatment. Pre- treatment and Testing Each rug is tested for colourfastness in a small inconspicuous area of the rug. Odours are neutralized and if there are fringes, these are treated separately in order to preserve their look, color and shape.
Only if a rug can withstand full immersion in a rug bath, will this method be applied.

The advantage of using our rug cleaning service is that they are versatile and professional, no rug is untreatable and every method used is with care and consideration for the rug and its owners. Clean-Station knows that your oriental rugs and area rugs were purchased as much for their value as their beauty and originality. Indeed, represent a large investment in works of art. Very often, these investments increase in value over time often becoming priceless possessions.

Professional care and maintenance provide the only true and trustworthy way of protecting these articles of value so that they will last to be heirlooms for generations to come. Clean-Station uses gentle professional cleaning methods to ensure that your investment remains safe in our hands. Only properly trained professionals are allowed to handle these magnificent, but costly investments.

Clean-Station expertly trained technicians begin the cleaning and maintenance process by identifying fibers and dyestuff so that they are sure that the cleaning method applied, is the very best for your product. No matter what kind of Oriental or area rug you own, you can be assured Clean-Station’s technicians will know just how to care for it and return it to you in immaculate condition.